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AgMP 9 participants share their expectations as new class resumes


AgMP 9 participants share their expectations as new class resumes

Recently, a group of nearly 30 men and women representing diverse parts of the agriculture value chain resumed the Agribusiness Management Programme at Lagos Business School. The AgMP is an intensive programme designed to nurture leaders and managers in the agribusiness space to apply practical skills to their roles in their organisations.

Bursting with keenness for what the next five months hold, the participants moved around the LBS campus in their first week, taking in the richness of the artworks that hung in different parts of the serene and friendly space.

The AgMP’s unique value proposition is to expose participants to global, regional and domestic trends that will enhance strategic capabilities and this new set of participants are approaching the programme with a certainty that they will not only gain this exposure but also great value for money spent.

After a rewarding first week in class, some of them share their expectations:

“I am taking this course because of Lagos Business School’s reputation in providing training for business leaders but especially because I wanted clarity in the Agribusiness space”, Chima Ogbonnaya said. So far, it’s been gratifying; I have learned hands-on, practical scenarios that can help me make real decisions and the experience, albeit short, has been of value to me. The AgMP has exceeded my expectations; in other places, nobody tells you what to expect, but here, the programme is a reality check for most people, especially participants who have agribusinesses that are not doing well. They are now learning how not to do their business.

ICT support personnel at MTN Nigeria, Tosin Bankole said, “I have been into agriculture for three years, and I’ve tried my hands on crop farming, but so far, returns have not been enough compared to investments. At the moment, I’m looking for clarity and focus; I know that the agri-value chain is quite large and you have to find the best part of it to focus on, so I need a knowledge base.” He added, “I chose Lagos Business School based on its antecedents, pedigree and the quality of its alumni network. So far, I have been impressed with the level of information I’ve gained, and it’s worth every penny. I can’t wait for the programme to end so I can put everything into action.”

Kemi Banjo had registered for the programme multiple times in previous years but never got the chance to attend until now. She says, “I’ve worked the last 15 years as a management consultant but now in transition. I’m passionate about the economic and social development of Nigeria, so on and off the past three or four years, I’ve done agribusiness more as social impact than as a profitable venture. I believe that I need the right foundation so I don’t make mistakes others have made. LBS understands the local terrain better than any other school and I think I’ll be getting the Nigerian flavour by coming here. I expect to meet interesting people who are on a similar journey as I am.”

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  1. Kindly forward to me the procedures and requirements for admission into your school for a program in agribusiness.

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