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Adi featured on the “Business Morning” Show


Adi featured on the “Business Morning” Show

 LBS faculty, Dr Bongo Adi, made his sixth appearance yesterday on “Business Morning”, a daily programme broadcast on Channels Television.

The hour-long show features some of the best and brightest minds in the world of business who keep the audience informed on growing trends and help make sense of the numbers.

Adi expressed the need to be guided by credible statistics as this will give the government an estimation of how fast a city is expanding in order to ensure that the activities that go with the expansion are accommodated.

He further explained that the call for the private sector to be involved in infrastructural development was a good one but pointed out that the high interest rate and political risks in the system was not favourable for the private investor.

Adi stressed that financing infrastructure was serious business and called on the Nigerian government to take it seriously by ensuring accountability in appropriation of funds.

He concluded by commending the government on the development of  a master plan for the integration of infrastructure in Nigeria. “The plan is a very comprehensive one;  it is a road map towards achieving infrastructure adequacy and becoming one of the top 20 leading economies in 2020,” he said.

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