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Opus Dei in NIgeria
Our Works in Nigeria
Halls of Residence for young men and women close to some university campuses

The Imoran University Centre for girls in Ibadan; the Irawo University Centre for boys also at Ibadan and the Afara Leadership Centre for girls in Akoka, near the University of Lagos.



The Wavecrest Monotechnic of Catering and Hospitality Management in Surulere, Lagos; the Institute for Industrial Technology in Ikeja, which trains youths and workers to get good jobs; The Lagoon School for girls and the Whitesands School for boys, both in Lagos; Roseville nursery and primary school in Enugu; The Wavecrest


Youth Centres that run programmes to help build the character and academic excellence of students

Helmbridge Study Centre, Surulere for boys and the Lattice Club, Lekki for girls.


Hospitals and Rural Clinics

The Niger Foundation Hospital in Enugu and Health Clinics in various locations such as at Abidagba in Iloti village of Ogun State and at lwollo in Enugu State.


Two Conference Centres

One in Ogun State (Iroto Conference Centre) and the other in Enugu State that offer courses of formation, retreats and seminars; the staff of these centres also engage in rural development activities to serve the needs of the local people in the area.

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