Andrew S. Nevin, PhD
Advisory Partner and Chief Economist, PwC West Africa

Andrew S. Nevin, PhD is an iconic figure in Nigeria playing a number of key roles to advance Nigeria’s and West Africa’s economy and society, including:

  • Founding Director of the Africa Institute for Leadership and Public Administration, a professional training institution whose mission is to provide skills enhancement to managers, policymakers, and leaders within the context of African society with the ultimate goal of raising the standards of performance throughout the African continent.
  • Member of Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) Board Committee on Research. The NESG creates an enabling environment conducive to good governance, responsible private investment and sustainable economic growth in Nigeria. NESG also shapes policy by conducting robust research and analysis on economic and critical reform issues.
  • A tireless advocate for innovation in Nigeria. Some of Andrew’s initiatives include:
    • One of the leading advocates for Blockchain technology adoption in the country, including sponsoring the Blockchain website Blockchain increases trust and improves efficiency by creating a single version of the truth shared among parties. Some of the key use cases in Nigeria include the land registry, the pharmaceutical supply chain, and the corporation’s registry.
    • Co-founder of Binkabi, a blockchain-enabled trading platform trying to increase the incomes of the 500m farmers in developing countries (
    • Co-founder of iKoN (, a Nigerian company focused on bringing a unique solar energy technology to Nigeria (
    • Advisor to several Nigerian start-up companies led by young Nigerians


  • Advisory Partner and Chief Economist at PwC Nigeria

    • In his client work, Andrew focuses on financial services and healthcare. He serves numerous African banks, insurance companies, and capital market players across strategy, technology, operational, and regulatory issues. He also leads many engagements helping global companies in a range of industries look at their options for entering and expanding in Africa.
    • As Chief Economist, he leads one of Nigeria’s best economics teams and is one of the pre-eminent voices speaking about the Nigerian economy. Some of the topics PwC Nigeria has touched on recently include: (i) the role of the Diaspora in holding up the Nigerian economy; (ii) the potential for unlocking dead capital; (iii) the critical impact of the informal economy; and (iv) the need for the private sector to take the lead in Nigeria’s development.
  • All of these roles are combined to create one of Nigeria’s most dynamic television, print, and social media presences, as he advocates for the changes that will unlock Nigeria’s enormous human and economic potential

Overall, Andrew is one of PwC’s leading global thinkers, working at the complex intersection of economics, strategy, capital markets, and investment. He has 32 years of professional experience as an entrepreneur, private equity investor, line manager, economist, and strategy consultant and is his professional career has previously lived in Asia, North America, and Europe. Before joining PwC, he spent 10 years living in China and was the President of United Family Hospitals (China’s pre-eminent international hospital chain) during the SARS crisis in 2003 through early 2005.

Andrew started his career at McKinsey & Company, serving in the Toronto and Paris offices.

He holds a PhD in Economics from Harvard University, an MA in Philosophy and Politics from Balliol College, Oxford University (where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar and scored 2 goals in the 100th anniversary Blues ice hockey match vs Cambridge), and a BSc (Hon) in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. In April 2011, he was named Strategy Consultant of the Year for 2010 by the Management Consultants Association in the United Kingdom.

Andrew is a Canadian and has been based in Lagos, Nigeria since 2012.


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