General Management Programme
The Effective Director
2 days
Start Date
July 29

The need to rethink the strategic role of the board is more pertinent now than ever. COVID-19, new CAMA 2021, cyber-attacks, declining revenues and profit, inflation, unemployment, migration and many other factors have contributed to the risks businesses face. However, even with the rapidly increasing challenges, the varied interests of stakeholders need to be pursued and achieved. Shareholders expect their dividends, employees want their wages/excellent working conditions, government demands compliance with regulations and taxes, and the community perceives Corporate Social Responsibility as their legitimate right t. The demands are tough and growing. Who will create the elephant that will satisfy everybody? The answer is the Board/Directors. Not only do they need deep understanding of the challenges, they need to lead in the formulation and implementation of a winning and sustainable strategy. To perform such key strategic and leadership responsibilities, the board should be properly informed, skilled and equipped to lead. 

To be delivered by a faculty of experts with years of practical experience and involvement in over 25 different boards, the Effective Director/Board seminar is a concise and precise training that will enhance the knowledge and performance of boards and senior management. Using relevant concepts, frameworks, cases and peculiar Nigeria contexts, this seminar will provide the requisite training for a more effective governance and management of firms. At the end of the seminar, participants will gain a practical understanding of the pertinent responsibility of the director/board in creating and sustaining a profitable organisation.

Key Learning Objectives

At the end of this programme, you will have a:

  • Detailed understanding of key economic trends, market insights and business challenges in Nigeria/Africa.
  • Robust examination and understanding of the responsibilities, board structures, committees and challenges of being a director
  • Good examination and understanding of the CAMA 2021 act and the implications for the board/director and the firm.
  • Rich understanding of the link between strategy and firm performance, and the role of the director/board in ensuring effective strategy formulation and execution
  • Detailed exposition and understanding of key financial issues and tactics to maintain good financial oversight
  • Good understanding of the strategies to manage board crisis, board/management relationship, executive compensation and succession planning
  • Detailed examination of key business risks and the role of the board in effective enterprise-wide risk management, business continuity planning and sustainability
  • Critical analysis and understanding of the issues, challenges and prospects of the economy in the next 10 years.

Programme Curriculum

  • The board in the 21st century: Issues, Challenges and Prospects
  • Board and strategy in a turbulent environment
  • New CAMA 2021 and Implications for the Director, Board and the Firm
  • Board ecosystem, structures, committees and responsibilities
  • Fixing the board, managing board crisis & succession planning
  • Understanding financials and effective financial oversight
  • Board, enterprise-wide risk management and business continuity
  • The risky business of being a director, board and sustainability
  • Sustaining board effectiveness and directors round table

Target Audience

  • Current and aspiring Executive Directors of private, public and not-for-profit firms
  • Current and aspiring Non-executive Directors and Independent Non-Executive Directors of private, public and not-for-profit firms
  • Directors and Senior Managers of regulatory agencies
  • Directors and Senior Managers of professional associations



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