Strategy, Innovation and Governance
Driving Innovation and Growth using Blue Ocean Strategy – Creating Uncontested Market Space
3 days
Start Date
September 7
Physical session

Blue Ocean Strategy offers participants a new perspective on strategy formulation and execution. They will immerse themselves in Blue Ocean Strategy concepts, tools and frameworks, and start to create ‘blue oceans’ of uncontested market space to help make the competition irrelevant. They will also gain key insights on how these concepts complement and exceed traditional approaches to strategy. There is also a strong emphasis on learning how to apply Blue Ocean Strategy concepts, tools and frameworks to real business situations in order to help businesses achieve strong profitable growth.

An important part of the programme is the opportunity for participants to immediately start applying Blue Ocean Strategy to analyse their organisation’s strategic challenges. In addition, they will provide feedback and ideas to other participants as they search for their ‘blue ocean’ to enrich the learning experience.


Key Learning Objectives

At the end of this programme, you will:

  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of Blue Ocean Strategy tools and concepts 
  • Learn to engage colleagues in a Blue Ocean Strategy process
  • Start developing a Blue Ocean Strategy for their organisation in order to break away from the competition through ‘Value Innovation’, the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost


Programme Curriculum

  • General introduction + Course introduction 
  • Group study and preparation (Blue Ocean Strategy simulation)
  • Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Introduction to the Blue Ocean Strategy simulation 
  • BOS Simulation 1a: Introduction to the Red Round
  • BOS Simulation 1b: Red Round team competition in teams
  • Blue Ocean Strategy in Nigeria: The Interswitch story
  • Noncustomers: Reaching beyond existing demand
  • BOS Simulation 2: From Red Round to Blue 1&2 Round in teams

Target Audience

This seminar is designed specifically for top-level managers with responsibilities for formulating or reviewing strategy for firms, divisions, businesses, product lines, or brands. It will be especially beneficial to top-level managers in innovative or fast-changing industries or sectors.



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