Marketing and Sales Management
Critical Tools for Effective Sales and Marketing
2 days over 2 weeks (Tuesday)
Start Date
June 15

Effective understanding and management of the marketing function is critical to business success. By exploring the critical tools of contemporary marketing management such as managerial orientations in marketing, new developments in the marketing mix, brand cum line extension, key account management strategies and so on, this programme equips you to develop your own effective overview and in-depth understanding of marketing as a critical tool of business success.


Programme curriculum

  1. Channel & distribution management
  2. Pricing strategy and tactics
  3. Managerial orientations in marketing
  4. The marketing mix
  5. Brand extension
  6. Key account management
  7. Relationship marketing
  8. Green marketing practices & impact of business goals I 
  9. Intercultural/international marketing
  10. Ethical issues in marketing
  11. Selling & sales management
  12. Understanding your customer
  13. Branding & communication strategy
  14. Marketing communications
  15. Linking customer satisfaction to business profitability
  16. Integrating marketing into business objectives
  17. Targeting, segmentation at the top, mid & bottom of the market & positioning
  18. Product and service strategy
  19. Green marketing practices & impact of business goals II


Key Learning Outcomes

This comprehensive three-day programme introduces new and old marketing operatives with limited understanding of the marketing function to marketing management. The programme integrates all aspects of marketing that appear disparate into a cohesive function. Additionally, the programme delivers a systems-thinking approach that allows managers to better align marketing efforts with business strategy. Essentially, participants will learn to integrate multiple functions–including sales, marketing, and operations–to best meet the organisation’s overall objectives.


Target Audience

This programme will benefit;

Sales executives, marketing and business development executives



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