Accounting, Finance and Economics
Budgeting, Forecasting and Control
3 Days
Start Date
August 5, 2020
N285, 000

The needs to link the budget to the organization’s strategic plan, advise the managers of the overall organization goals, project organizational and department-specific volumes, recognize the relationship between volume and revenue, between volume and expenses, and set many of the organizational and department specific budgetary goals using peer benchmarks; are the issues discussed in this seminar. We also discuss the how of preparing various Budgets including Cash Budgets.


Key Learning Objectives/ Benefits

  • Knowledge of the common accounting tools companies use for planning and controlling what they must do to satisfy their customers and succeed in the market place.
  • Provision of a measure of the financial results a company expects from its planned activities.
  • By planning for the future, managers learn to anticipate potential problems and how to avoid them.
  • Instead of subsequently facing problems, managers can focus their energies on exploiting opportunities


Programmer Details

  • Financial Planning and Control
  • Budgets and Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Steps in Developing an Operating Budget, Cash
  • Budget, Budgeted Income Statement and the Balance Sheet
  • Budget Preparation Case Study
  • Budgeting, Responsibility Accounting and Human Aspects of Budgeting
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Sensitivity Analysis in Budgeting
  • Cash Budgeting
  • Budgeting and IT (1)
  • Budgeting and IT (2)
  • Interpreting Budget Reports (Variances) – General Session
  • Interpreting Budget Reports (Variances) – Work in Teams
Target Audience
  • The programme is designed to benefit Managers, Executives and Company Directors/Owners without accounting/finance skill or knowledge but keen on translating their strategies into financials



  • Professor Akintola Owolabi
  • Kayode Omoregie
  • Dr A. L. Buhari

Upcoming Sessions

August 27-29

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