Margaret Isebor
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Margaret Isebor is a passionate educator who is interested in the holistic development of learners at every level or stage in their lives. She strives to make every environment she finds herself richer with her outgoing personality, passion for success, professionalism, and concern for human flourishing. Her areas of interest include Ethics, Anthropology, personal and organizational development. 

She has been an educational practitioner for more than two decades. She is currently a lecturer in the Business Ethics department of Lagos Business School of the Pan Atlantic University in Lagos,Nigeria. She teaches Business Ethics and Nature of Man. Her research interests include work-life Ethic, humanistic management, personal Ethic, and Mission-based Management.

Margaret holds a degree in English Language from the University of Ibadan, PGDE from the University of Lagos, Diploma in Educational Administration from Villanueva Centro Universitario, Madrid, and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration in Villanueva Centro Universitario, Madrid, Spain.

Every year in collaboration with the Women`s Board of ECS (a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization) Margaret facilitates sessions on courses in Philosophy for women. Some of these courses include Ethics, Philosophical Anthropology, Theological Anthropology, Introduction to Philosophy etc.

Prior to joining the LBS faculty, she had been in the Management team of the Lagoon School for about two decades. She was the pioneer Head Teacher of the Primary Section of The Lagoon School where she worked with the team that grew learner enrolment from one pupil to more than two hundred pupils within the first four years (An all-girls school at primary and secondary levels). As Head Teacher, she designed and implemented a standard curriculum for the pupils, standard employment procedure for new teachers and an induction program for new staff.

She was the principal of the Lagoon School for six years. During this period, she set up and successfully managed the team that conceptualized and implemented the transition from in-person to online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. She also developed and implemented a workable health and safety protocol in line with Covid restrictions which earned the school an exception from the Lagos state Ministry of Education to have full class capacity in 2022.

Margaret also designed and taught a Professional Ethics Program for the academic and administrative staff of the school. She set up the Centre for Excellent Teaching at the school for continuous review and improvement of the school curriculum for both the primary and secondary sections.

Her teaching style as Ethics teacher for the senior girls was such that helped them evolve into visionary leaders who seek impactful and ethical solutions for the local, national, and global challenges of our time.

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