Henry Onukwuba

Human Resource Management
LBS Faculty
Organisational Behaviour

Henry Onukwuba

The purpose of teaching with the case method at Lagos Business School is to make participants better in the business world, which is in line with our goal of developing responsible leaders for Africa and the world. Case discussions bring into the classroom factual and imagined business challenges. It helps the student connect the classroom to the business world.

They do not see the classroom conversations as a theoretical learning style but an extension of real-life business scenarios. It is a practical means of learning. Most cases here at #LBSNigeria are live, and for every case, there is a lesson either on leadership, strategy or human management etc. The participants appreciate this because they can connect it to their experiences as business leaders. The values from cases are enormous. They help participants and faculty members improve on their critical thinking, decision making, interpersonal relationship, team bonding and communication skills. The most significant value is to understand that for every problem, there is more than one solution.

You can’t get into class without reading a case thoroughly. As a facilitator, you have to be abreast of the details of the case. It will help you guide the discussion without providing the solution. If you are a consultant, you can apply the learnings from it to provide quality solutions for clients. You can discuss the same case with multiple classes, but you never come out with the same lessons. Every class gives you a new perspective on a topic.

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