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Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence or CQ (Cultural Quotient) is a measure of the ability to adapt as one interacts with others from different cultural regions.  With globalization and internationalization of businesses, understanding the impact of an individual's cultural background on their behaviour has become essential for management and a core component of effective business leadership.  There are many types of culture, such as national culture, which in Africa can be as diverse as the number of languages, ethnic and geographical groupings.  Knowledge of these and especially of one's ability to adapt as one journeys through the continent will be be helpful to executives with businesses in the region, or who are planning to expand to Africa.


Cultural Intelligence for business leaders will help participants in the following areas:


•          More Effective Cross-Cultural Adaptability and Decision Making

•          Improved Job Performance

•          Enhanced Skills as Global Leaders

•          More inclusive and innovative Work Environments

•          Cost-Savings and Increased Profits


Cultural Intelligence has also been proven to improve innovation, expand economic opportunity and strengthen organizational culture.



Learning outcomes

a)         To introduce Advanced Managers to the cultural intelligence research and model and its relevance to their role as senior level leaders in their organizations

b)        To increase leaders' awareness of their own CQ strengths and weaknesses

c)         To develop leaders' understanding of cultural values and their influence on interactions with staff, colleagues and clients

d)        To provide leaders with strategic insights on creating and leading diverse, inclusive and culturally intelligent organizations that effectively meet the needs of a population of individuals from a variety of ethnicities and cultures


Dr. Eugene Ohu is a full-time faculty in the department of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources at the Lagos Business School.  His research areas include cross-cultural management, stereotypes and cultural intelligence.  He also researches on Digital Psychology which is an interplay of Psychology, Digital Communications and Behaviour Economics, to produce communications are compelling to the unconscious mind.  These studies have application for understanding consumer behaviour especially in the digital age which he is now exploring through "Big Data".  He also leads sessions at the LBS degree and executive programmes in Management Communication, Digital Marketing and Human Behaviour in Organizations.  He has a PhD (Summa cum laude) from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome. 

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