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​About IDT
The Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) unit was established in 2014 to promote instructional excellence, enhance student learning, and increase faculty involvement in effective teaching and learning practices.  

The mission of the IDT unit is to support Lagos Business School faculty, staff and students for the appropriate and effective use of instructional design techniques and technology. Through support for course and programme development, IDT strives to enhance teaching and learning and engage all faculty members in continuous utilisation of new techniques and technologies. To this end, the IDT is continuously searching for new technologies with potential application for the classroom.


The goal of the IDT unit is to produce a continuous cycle of inquiry, assessment and revision in the teaching/learning process focused on improving student learning. The School is committing enormous resources to support teaching and learning: on-campus workshops, redesign of courses, and enhanced technology usage in teaching. IDT will support and encourage all activities that foster collaborative teaching and learning. We encourage a participatory and collaborative environment with emphasis on sound instructional design principles and appropriate use of technology.​



 IDT is focused on service provision to faculty and staff of LBS

Service Philosophy

·         Provide high-quality service

·         Offer extensive pedagogical consultation and training

·         Assist with advice and direction

·         Discover and develop best practices in instructional design and use of technology

·         Support the School's Vision, Mission and Strategic Initiatives



·         Teaching strategies

·         Interpreting course evaluation data 

·         Course design, development and review

·         Using technology in the classroom 

·         Research on pedagogical topics


·         Technology tools

·          Technology integration in courses

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