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​Giving to LBS
LBS develops problem-solvers, leadership skills and instills strong ethical values. Giving to LBS is a strategic contribution to the development of a better crop of future leaders for our continent and an investment in the creation of a better tomorrow for developing countries. It sustains our efforts at improving the quality of management talents available in any economy and strenghtens our position, as a school of choice for the development of leaders, to pilot the transformation of emerging markets in particular.


Giving by Alumni

As alumni, your gift pays tribute to your experience at LBS. It is personal and reflects your philanthropic priorities and what you value most.


Giving Options


Tuition and endowment earnings cannot fund the School's ongoing operating expenses in full. Therefore, annual gifts are invaluable because they bridge the gap between the actual cost of educating a student, the income generated from tuition and the endowment. Funds raised in this manner have an immediate impact on the education of our current participants.

LBS carefully manages the class size and faculty-to-participant ratio of its MBA programme. This limits the tuition revenue generated. Alumni support through annual giving, which runs from October to June each year, will go a long way in ensuring students receive a world-class MBA education for example. A secure pledge or gift can be made online at Pledges must be redeemed by June 30.


Why should I contribute to the LBS Annual Fund Campaign?

·  All gifts to LAC are unrestricted. Giving to LAC provides LBS the flexibility to channel money where it is most needed to ensure excellence in LBS' educational programme

·  The strong LAC participation rate sends a clear message to applicants that becoming part of the LBS family is a unique opportunity with a lifetime of benefits

·  Your gift helps LBS continue to attract the best talent in teaching and research. Even in challenging economic times, the cost of attracting and retaining world-class    faculty continues to increase due to competition from top schools and private industry

·  LBS' operating budget is largely supported by alumni giving


Volunteer Roles

The efforts of volunteers coupled with the generosity of our alumni are invaluable to the success of our fundraising efforts.

·  LAC Executive Committee will lead the effort to he direction and provide counsel on overall strategy for LAC each year. (By invitation only)

·  LAC Head Agents (or Co-Head Agents) coordinate LAC Assistant Head Agents to contact classmates and encourage them to give back to LAC

·  LAC Corporate Agents focus on achieving 100 percent giving participation to LAC among LBS alumni within their companies or firms

·  LAC International Agents from countries around the world encourage LAC living outside Nigeria to keep LBS among their philanthropic priorities every year

If you wish to volunteer as an LAC Agent, Corporate Agent, International Agent or have questions about accessing the volunteer site, please contact:

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