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Giving to LBS
Making a difference does not necessarily demand extraordinary effort. Sometimes all it takes is touching as many lives as possible by donating to worthy causes. Giving to LBS is one way you can achieve that. Our cause is to impact the practice of management on the continent through the quality of business knowledge we impart on participants in our programmes. As such, we produce a crop of leaders who will drive capacity development across sectors, making Africa reach its desired potential in record time. You are invited to join the train.

An on-line application needs to be completed and approval obtained, before entities external to LBS can be approached for donations or sponsorship on behalf of the School. For entities already approached, the application must be completed and approval obtained, if the intention is to continue with the fundraising initiative.


The purpose of this application is to coordinate our fundraising efforts as a School via shared information. It is imperative that prospective donors perceive these efforts as coordinated. This will avoid companies feeling unduly inundated by what they view as "fragmented" and/or multiple requests from a single institution.

It is essential to prepare the information required in the document to be attached to the form beforehand. All that will then be required is for this to be attached to the application. 


The periodic feedback (monthly or quarterly) requested for in the application, will enable tracking, determination of the progress made, as well as communication of the result(s) achieved. It will encourage follow up and ensure colleagues are not unreasonably precluded from approaching viable donors because others had the first mover advantage but are not making the most of it, by keenly following up. 


Shared feedback also enables the Dean for example, to assist if the opportunity presents itself, at an engagement where a key decision maker of the Donor Company or entity is in attendance.

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