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Past Events​​

Focus Group Discussion on Talent and Productivity

One of the most important task organisations face borders on how to find, retain and nurture talent to enhance productivity. In view of this, the CRLE organised a Focus Group Discussion to investigate "The Impact of the Society and Corporate Environment on Talent Productivity in Nigeria".  The main objective of this discussion was to unearth the factors in the Nigerian environment that impact on HR practices (Recruitment, On-Boarding, Performance Management, Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits), and evaluate how organisations are adapting to them. The participants included the HR directors of various companies cut across the various sectors of the economy. 

  The CRLE Launch/Research Presentation

​The Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics was launched on October 9, 2013. Dr. Franca Ovadje presented the results of the talent management research at the ceremony. Prof. Emevwo Biakolo explained the need for such a centre in Nigeria and Africa. The launch also featured presentations by the Centre's main sponsors (ACA Foundation and GTBank). ...View image gallery

 The Public-Private Sector Dialogue on Ethics in Leadership

This dialogue took place at the Lagos Business School on October 31, 2013. The key speakers (Paul Kokoricha, Partner, ACA; Udom Inoyo, Executive Director, ExxonMobil Nigeria; and Ben Akabueze, Hon. Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, Lagos State) discussed the challenge of ethics in both the private and public sectors. Focusing on the role of leaders in promoting and sustaining a culture of ethics in corporate and national governance, the dialogue brought together leaders from both public and private sectors including the Chief Whip of the Lagos State Assembly, senior public servants in agencies such as EFCC, NCC, NDLEAD, Federal Housing Authority, NUC, and a representative from Ogun State government ...​View image gallery



 Leadership and Ethics Conference

This inaugural conference was held from November 4 and 6, 2013.  Participants were researchers from various universities in Nigeria. Prof. Sam Aryee of KingCollege London and Prof. Fred Walumbwa of Florida International University, USA led the research methodology workshop...View image gallery

Breakfast meeting with CEOs

This knowledge sharing gathering was organised for chief executives. The meeting specifically focused on transformational leadership and how leaders can promote workplace creativity and innovation, knowledge sharing, learning, and expression. 29 chief executives were present at the meeting. The session was facilitated by Professor Fred Walumbwa (Florida International University, USA). The breakfast meeting took place on November 7, 2013...View image gallery


HR Directors Forum

 The forum centred on Strategic Human Resource Management and Organisational Competitiveness and the Implications for the HR Profession. Professor Sam Aryee (Kings College, London) led the session. There were thirty-three HR practitioners (mainly directors) from various organisations in attendance...View image gallery


​ From Design to Impact: Evaluation of Social Projects

Too often projects with formidable strategies veer off the chosen path due to inaccurate measurement, or lack of it. This workshop helped equip participants with the skills they require to measure and analyse social projects. The workshop which held on April 3 and 4, 2014 had thirty-three participants in attendance. It was facilitated by Mr. Juan Alarcon (Limmat Foundation, Switzerland) and Dr. Chris Ogbechie (Lagos Business School, Nigeria)...View image gallery

Business Meeting of Humanistic Management Network (Nigeria)

The Nigerian chapter of the Humanistic Management Network (HMN) is part of an international, interdisciplinary, and independent network that promotes the development of an economic system with respect for human dignity and well-being.  It defends human dignity in face of its vulnerability. The Nigerian chapter is based primarily at the Christopher Kolade Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics (CRLE), Lagos Business School. A Business Meeting of the network was held on November 19, 2015. The purpose of the meeting was to: Network with other members, share information on HM research, practice, policy and media in Nigeria, Discuss the plans for a Knowledge Café event in December; and Brainstorm/plan for events in 2016...View image gallery​