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Akindele, R .I., Nassar M.L.  & Owolabi, A. A. (2008) "Research Methodology" Published by OAU Ife Press, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Book chapters

Owolabi, A. (2011). Cost/Budgeting and Research Administration. In Ogundipe, O. T., Obashoro-John, O. and Adedun, A. (Eds.) Research Manual for Postgraduate Students. School of Postgraduate Studies: University of Lagos.

Owolabi, A.A. (2010) "An Assessment of the Extent of Awareness of Environmental Issues and Protection against Environmental Costs in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry" in Maria-Gabriella Baldarelli(ed.) Civil Economy, Democracy,  Transparency and Social and Environmental Accounting Research Role: Some Reflections in Theory and in Practice  Deriving From  2nd CSEAR Conference-Italy

Owolabi, A.A. (2000) "Budgeting for  Environmental Management Costs" in Jimoh, H. I and I. P. Ifabiyi (eds.) Contemporary Issues  in Environmental Studies Haytee Press and Publishing Co. Ltd., Ilorin, Nigeria, Pp 56-70

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