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​Conference Papers​

Presentations at Academic Conferences

Organizer and Conference Co-Convener: 1st Leadership Conference 6th to 8th November 2013 of the Centre for Research in Leadership and Ethics of the Lagos Business School.


Show me you trust me: Trust in the Boss-Subordinate Dyad. (Co-authored with Pablo Cardona). Paper presented at the inaugural conference of the African Academy of Management, San Antonio, Texas USA. August 11, 2011


An Exploratory Study of Conceptualization of Career Success among managers in the non-Western context of Nigeria. Paper presented at the British Academy of Management 2009 Conference, Brighton, UK. [Coauthored with Ituma, A., Mordi, C., Cornelius, N. and Mwiti, F.]


Keynote Address on: "Honesty and Competitiveness". Paper presented at the 6th Annual Ethics Conference, Strathmore University, Nairobi Kenya. 29 – 30 October 2009


The impact of National and Individual level Culture on Implicit Leadership Theories:  evidence from two sub-Saharan African countries.  Paper presented at the Leadership and Management studies in sub-Sahara Africa 2008 conference. Accra Ghana. [Coauthored with Moses Acquaah and Kevin B. Lowe]


"The adoption of HRM Practices by SMEs and its impact on Firm Performance" Paper presented at the International Academy of African Business & Development Conference, Ganesville, Florida, May 2008


"Research and Practical Relevance: An African Business School Perspective". Paper presented at the Eastern Academy of Management International Conference, Amsterdam, June 2007


"Middle Managers: why they leave and what motivates their Performance" [Co-authored with Obinna Muogboh]. Paper presented at the European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference, Paris, May 2007


"Toward a Comprehensive Model of Change Management" Paper presented at the Academy of Management Conference, Atlanta, August 2006


"Exploring Turnover and its Causes among Middle Managers in Nigeria." Presented at the IAABD Conference, Tanzania in April 2005


"Managing Corporate Transformations: Some Lessons from the Nigerian Banking Industry" [Co-authored with Chantal Epie & Pat Utomi] Paper Presented at the British Academy of Management Conference, September 1998


Some Presentations at Professional Conferences include:​

Human Capital: Value Creation & Capacity Building for Financial Services Sec tor in a Frontier Economy.  Paper presented at the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria July 2014


Talent, the Environment & Productivity. Paper presented at the 1st Talent Management Conference. Lagos Business School, September 2010


The Human Resource Manager & Corporate Strategy. Paper presented at the 2010 Conference of the Personnel Practitioners


Euromoney Nigeria Finance & Investment Conference. 29 - 30 September 2009. Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos Nigeria

Panel Discussant: Human Capital: Exploring the opportunities for a knowledge economy

The Challenges of Human Capital in High Growth Banking. Banking Conference, Lagos Business School. 2007


2007 Faculty Day Lecture & Symposium. National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. Topic: Professionalism – Building an enduring Organization.


Panel Presentation at the Roundtable of HR Professionals Africa. Oceanview, Lagos, 22nd October 2007


Keynote Speaker at the 1st HR Technology Conference. Civic Centre, Lagos. July 12 2007


"Developing Tomorrow's Leaders: from Starter to Competent Performer". Paper presented at the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Conference, Abuja September 2006

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