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Books and Book Chapters​


Ovadje, F. (2014). Change Leadership in Africa. New York:  Routledge ​

Book Chapters

Ovadje, F. (2012). Manager – Subordinate Trust Relationships in West Africa. (Chapter in the book, Manager-Subordinate Trust: A Global Perspective edited by Pablo Cardona and Michael J. Morley. Publisher: Routledge, New York.


Ovadje, F. (2012). CMC Connect: The Challenge of Realizing the Vision (Chapter in the book:

Human Capital Leadership A Strategic Approach to Optimizing Workplace Potential.

Jonathan H. Westover (ed.). Cognella Academic Publishing, San Diego, CA.


Ovadje, F. (2003) "Comprehensive Framework and Support Systems for SME development in Nigeria [a UNIDO Publication]


Ovadje, F. & Ankomah, A. (2001) "Human Resource Management in Nigeria" [Chapter in the book "Human Resource Management in Developing Countries by Budhwar P. and Debrah Y. (eds.). Publisher: Routledge, London]

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