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​Doctoral Supervision And Teaching Philosophy
​Tayo is interested in supervising PhD students who intend to specialize in the following areas:

- Corporate branding
- Corporate identity
- Corporate communications
- Corporate reputation management
- Corporate public relations
- Marketing communications (advertising, public relations, sales promotion etc)

Tayo's teaching philosophy is rooted in the use of practical realities of the business environment as an important means of explicating complex business theories. He believes in finding the right balance in the classroom between what might be called the demands of realism and the need to understand complex business theories. In effect, he views his teaching tasks as an attempt to both prepare students for the sometimes-harsh realities of professional life as business or marketing practitioners, while at the same time ensuring that whatever natural inclinations they might have to the nobler purposes of business or marketing practices are encouraged.

He believes in interactivity. Therefore, during his lectures, he strives for interactive involvement and participation of students. He adopts a method of asking the students questions deliberately. This is not to have them guess the answers to these questions, but rather, to have them think critically in order to present useful responses that everyone would learn from.

Two additional issues might be made in support of these interactive sessions. The first is that he wants students to value points of view other than his own. He also believes that most students learn best in an educational context that provides a sense of structure for them.

As a result, he is committed to investing a lot of quality time and effort (along with other academics) in providing detailed syllabi for his classes. Although it is occasionally useful to depart from the published structure, it seems to serve a beneficial purpose. Consequently, his goal for every class is to coach business modules in an environment that inspires creativity, analytical thinking and dedication to integrity. He is determined to give students an edge in a competitive labour environment and prepare them for new opportunities that beckon. He is committed to student-tutor interactive sessions that prepare them for the practitioner future.​
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