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Papers and Cases

Omoregie, K. & Kelikume, I. (2017).  Executive Compensation and Banking Sector Performance: Evidence from Nigeria.   Journal of Developing Areas.

Omoregie, K. & Kelikume, I. (in press, 2016).  Dynamic Interaction Between Savings, Investment and Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Vector Autoregressive (Var) Approach.   Journal of Developing Areas.

Ofori, K. S., Fianu, E., Omoregie, K., Odai, N. A., & Oduro-Gyimah, F. (2014).  Predicting Credit Default among Micro Borrowers in Ghana.   Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, 5 (12), 96-104.

Omoregie, K. (2016, September). Multi-Creditor Workouts as an Approach to Resolving Corporate Insolvency.   BRIPAN 2016 Annual International Conference, Lagos, Nigeria.

Omoregie, K. (2016). Teaching Ethics in Corporate Finance Courses. Teaching Ethics Across the Management Curriculum (pp. 28).  

Omoregie, K. (2012) “Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Financing Strategies in a Developing Economy”  Paper presented at the ICAN ATS 35th Induction Ceremony in June.

Omoregie, K (2012) “Strategic Planning for Business Success” Paper presented at the ICAN EMCPE seminar in May.
Omoregie, K. (2011). Restructuring Exits: Debt Refinancing, Debt Trading, Debt-Equity Swaps and Tax Issues in Restructuring. Paper presented at the BRIPAN Mandatory Continued Professional Education (MCPE), 13th April, Lagos.

PPS/ICAN Position Paper and Interim Guidelines for Compliance of Members with the EFCC/SCUML Public Announcement to Designated Non-Financial Institutions in Nigeria (Obligations under the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2004. Feb. 2008

“Restructuring of Financially Distressed Companies” – BRIPAN Seminar; July, 2010

“The Balanced Scorecard as a Tool for Monitoring and Evaluating Board and CEO Performance” – ICAN EMCPE Seminar; Feb. 2010

“Business Restructuring in the Light of Corporate Finance” – BRIPAN Seminar; December 10, 2009

“Financial Intelligence and the Global Financial Crisis” – Institute of Chartered Accountants in Nigeria (ICAN) Seminar on the Global Financial Crisis; April 29, 2009.

“Audit Risk Assessment” – ICAN Public Practice Section Seminar on Training the Practitioner; May 10, 2007

Pascal Chemical Company – Lagos Business School Case Study (2004) ​
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