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Refereed Articles 
Ojadi, F., Tickle, M., Adebanjo, D., Laosirihongthong, T., & Boon-itt, S. (2016).  Supplier qualification for high value goods and services in Nigeria: Understanding the competitive environment.   International Journal of Logistics: Research and Applications.

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Ojadi, F. (2012). Reforming the Nigerian Police Force: The Role of Operations Strategy. European Case Clearing House (pp. 17). Lagos Business School. 

Presentations of Refereed Papers 

Ojadi, F. (2016, September). The Role of Freight Forwarders in Trade Facilitation. The Case of Nigerian Freight Fowarders.   POMS 2016 Annual Conference, Havana, Cuba.

Adebanjo, D., Tickle, M., Ojadi, F., & Mann, R. (2013). The Use of Improvement Tools - A Comparison between Sectors and Industries.   2013 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM2013), Bangkok, Thailand.

Ojadi, F. (2011). Managing Supply Risk through the Process of Pre-qualification: A Case Study of Service Organization in a Developing Economy –Nigeria.   Global Supply Chain Security Conference, London, United Kingdom.

Ojadi, F. (2011). A Process for the Prequalification of Suppliers for a Service Organisation in a Developing Economy.   EurOMA Conference, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Ojadi, F. (2008). The Need for Logistics Infrastructure Improvement in Nigerian Seaport: The Case of Apapa Container Port.   International Academy of African Business and Development Conference (IAABD), Florida, United States of America.

Ojadi, F., Enyinda, C., & Obuah, E. (2005). International Trade Supply Chain Logistics in the New Security Environment: Impact on African Growth and Opportunity Act Trade.   International Academy of African Business and Development Conference (IAABD), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Presentations of Non-Refereed Papers  ​

Ojadi, F. (2010). Domestic Trade and Industrial Redistribution in a Growing Economy – Getting it Right in Nigeria.   National Conference on Domestic Trade Development, Ilorin, Nigeria.

Ojadi, F. (2010). Oceans to Hinterlands: Optimizing Import/Export Supply Chain Efficiency.   Ports, Terminal & Logistics (PTL) West Africa Conference, Lagos, Nigeria.

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