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Humanistic Management Network (Nigeria)​

The Humanistic Management Network (Nigeria) is part of an international, interdisciplinary, and independent network that promotes the development of an economic system with respect for human dignity and well-being. It defends human dignity in face of its vulnerability.

The Humanistic Management Network ​was founded to catalyze the transition towards a life-conducive economic system by working with thought leaders across academic disciplines, practice, policy and media. Our theory of change focuses on changing the narrative behind business and management (in research, pedagogy and practice), and to promote a culture of dignity and well-being that leads to ethical and sustainable organizing in practice.

For more information about us and our upcoming events, contact us through the chapter page on the global site of The Humanistic Management Network or through our social media profiles:

We look forward to h​earing from you​​​​​​

2016 Activities

2015 Activities

  • ​Business meeting (November)
  • Knowledge café (December) ​
Activity Report for 2015