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Eugene Ohu


Eugene Ohu is a full time faculty in the department of Organisational Behaviour / Human Resource Management at the Lagos Business School.  He facilitates courses in the degree programs (MBA, EMBA, MEMBA), as well as in executive and custom programs.​

He has a PhD in Institutional Social Communications from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome, Italy.  His thesis (summa cum laude) was a study on the interplay of organizational culture and communication.  He also has a bachelor of Pharmacy (University of Benin, Nigeria), and a postgraduate diploma in Education (University of Calabar, Nigeria).

Dr Ohu's teaching areas include Digital Marketing, Management Communication, Human Behaviour in Organizations and Human Resource Management. 

He currently does research in Digital Psychology, a field combining theories of digital marketing, behavioural economics and psychology to create persuasive messages that compel the unconscious mind to action.  He studies individual and interpersonal behaviours across cultural dimensions, and how this knowledge can improve programmed or organized communication.   One consequence of these curiosities is the use of Big Data to explore the psychological influences behind online purchase decisions, knowledge of which helps service and product owners to better target online users as well as to open new marketing channels on digital media.  He consults for international FMCG companies seeking to expand their marketing scope within the continent, and also works closely with ICT firms.

Dr Ohu also carries out research on Work/Life integration.  He is presently the principal investigator in a multi-source, multi-wave and multi-level study in different parts of Nigeria exploring the relations between Work/Life conflict and other domain outcomes.  He is also part of an international team doing studies in the Nigerian corporate sector to find empirical backing for the effect of work/life balance on business financial performance.

Eugene was the Chief Executive Officer of Netorb Media Limited, a new-media and communications company he set up in 2006, a platform on which he initiated several technology business ideas to take advantage of the rapid growth of the Internet in Nigeria, to aid interpersonal and corporate communication. Communication needs of specific clients soon revealed opportunities that were spun off into independent businesses, such as a subsidiary powering millions of SMS messages across the globe, and another providing static and dynamic Domain Name services.

As a pioneer member of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), Dr Ohu was part of the technical committee mandated by the Federal Government agency NITDA to migrate the .ng (Nigeria) domain name to be hosted locally. He helped to set up the hardware and software-hosting infrastructure. His company Netorb Media Limited became one of the pioneer accredited registrars of the .ng domain name.

Eugene is a freelance journalist (he once owned a column in Thisday newspapers for two years). He cycles long distance, likes to run, takes photographs (not the camera-phone kind), plays the guitar, messes with Linux servers, loves to cook (when someone lets him have the kitchen), and dreams of pencil sketching.​​​

Professional Memberships:

  1. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP)
  2. Academy of Management
  3. Association for Business Communication
  4. Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria
  5. Nigeria Internet Registration Association​
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