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First Bank Sustainability Centre

The First Bank Sustainability Centre of Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University is a partnership between Lagos Business School and one of Africa's leading financial operators, First Bank Nigeria Limited.

An initiative designed to advance corporate sustainability and delivery in Nigeria in an intellectual and practical way, the Sustainability Centre will contribute towards shaping the perspectives of key policy and decision-makers in the private sector. This would positively impact the socio-economic strata using a targeted and intellectual-oriented sustainability approach.

The Centre is led by Sir Chris Ogbechie, a Corporate Sustainability and Strategy expert, who teaches sustainability, strategy and corporate governance in the school.

 First Bank Sustainability Centre also has other administrative and research staff, and an advisory board made up of leading academics and non academics who are experts in the social space.


The First Bank Sustainability Centre of Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University aims to promote a better understanding of the corporate sustainability concept in Nigeria and across the globe. 

Main Activities:

The First Bank Sustainability Centre's Research and Advisory services are focused on helping companies:

  • Develop sustainability frameworks, policy and strategy, and establish sustainability structures and performance indicators
  • Participate in stakeholder engagement, including stakeholder mapping, dialogue planning and facilitation
  • Report and communicate sustainability policies, including planning and writing sustainability reports, developing reporting indicators and implementing sustainability policies and communication
  • Benchmark activities and performance against international guidelines such as the Global Reporting Initiative
  • Develop networking linkages to competent nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) operating in the social space.​

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