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​Books And Book Chapters

Epie, C. (2011). The Business Case for Family-Responsible Management – How an organisational culture favourable to work-family integration benefits employers and employees. [Link to external resource] Saarbrucken: Lambert Academic Publishing. 

Epie, C. (2004) What every manager should know about team work in Nigeria, LBS Management Series, Criterion Publishers, Lagos.

Book Chapters

Epie C., Mwangi, M. & Masuda, A. (2010). Work-family conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Chinchilla, N., Las Heras, M. & Masuda, A. (Eds.) Balancing Work and Family: A Practical Guide to Help Organisations Meet the Global Workforce Challenge. Amherst, MA: HRD Press, pp 101-117

Epie C. (2005) Negotiation, a Problem-Solving Approach to Conflict. In Conflict Resolution Techniques, ICFAI University Press, India.

Epie C. (2004) Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills - Understanding the Problem Solving (Win-Win) Approach in Negotiations. In K. N. Nwosu (ed.) Legal Practice Skills and Ethics in Nigeria.

Epie, C. (2004). Guide on Effective Team Building Skills for Principal Officers of The Legislature. In K. N. Nwosu (ed.) Law And Practice Of The Legislature In Nigeria, Nayee Pub. Co. Lagos, pp. 331-353
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