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The Centre for Infrastructure, Policy, Regulation and Advancement (CIPRA) is devoted to research, training and advocacy in infrastructure development. As economic growth and development of nations are widely acknowledged to be linked directly to levels of infrastructure endowment, it has become evident to transition and developing economies just how much their future growth and advancement depend on the adequacy of their social and economic infrastructure. Thus CIPRA seeks to advance the need to approach infrastructural provision, policy formulation and regulation in a more structured and strategic manner to ensure not only sustained availability of infrastructure, but also ensuring that public and private sector investment in this area is facilitated by a public policy and regulatory environment that is progressive and renders private investors enthusiastic about investing. 

Ultimately the Centre seeks to improve the state of infrastructure in Africa, administration of infrastructure, governance of states, the level of engagement in the public policy process, and the way public utilities and resources are regulated through research, teaching and public events.

The Centre in supporting research, hopes to nurture faculty interests in broad areas of public policy, infrastructural provision and development, and business models that facilitate effective and efficient administration of infrastructure. The Centre offers a variety of communications open to students, academics and the public. 


Focus of CIPRA

  • To facilitate the process of infrastructural provision by ensuring that greater understanding exists about:
  • Ways inadequate infrastructure services affect business and productivity of a nation or state
  • Options for providing and maintaining the delivery of various infrastructure services more effectively
  • Economic impact and potential cost savings from improved infrastructure services
  • How to attract investors to respond to the opportunities posed by deficient infrastructure  
  • How to be successful with private sector provision of services as a viable alternative to public provision
    CIPRA will also focus research and advisory services on: 
  • What options exist in terms of investment, technology, pricing, institutions, regulation and financing?
  • Policy and regulatory changes that will guarantee the fuller use of public private partnerships for infrastructure services provision.
  • Consumer protection issues associated with the participation of the private sector in the supply of infrastructure related activities.
  • Pricing policies that are more efficient in the presence of congestion, system failures, and so on, especially when the services are provided by monopolies.
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