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Alos, A. & Bamiro, O. (2005), The Pains and Gains of Growth: case studies on Entrepreneurship, Criterion Books, Lagos.

Technical Reports
Alos, A., P. Bamkole, D. Salami, F. Ajogwu (2005): “Reforming the business support policy for SME growth”, a research report by NESG-SME Group sponsored by World Bank.

Okonedo, E., Alos A. (2004) “The fast-food industry supply chain: challenges and opportunities”, Research study sponsored by UNIDO.

Bamiro, O., Igbeka, J and Alos A. (2003): “Industry research of the dairy sector in Nigeria”, Research study sponsored by UNIDO.

Bamiro, O, Alos A. (2002): “Industry research on the Applications software sector in Nigeria”, Research study sponsored by African Project Development Facility (APDF)

Alos, A., Bamiro, O., Salami, D., (1997) “The impact of the NLNG project on the Nigerian economy”, a study carried out for Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas.

1. A study of the entrepreneurial process in the Nigerian environment. The challenges of managing growth of new ventures in uncertain and unstable environments are highlighted through the discussion of 12 case studies on entrepreneurship. Research led to the publication of a book entitled “The Pains and Gains of Growth”. 

2. Survey of the Applications software industry in Nigeria; sponsored by IFC. The survey analyzed the current uses of Application packages in the various sectors of the economy, implementation challenges, level of investment in IT, emergence of local software developers, and government’s policy on ICT. Research led to the publication of the survey.

3. Lead researcher for the study of support policies for SME growth; research sponsored by the World Bank. The study focused on three major areas of relevance in the SME sector: transitioning from the informal to the formal sector; access to finance; and business support to SME.  Recommendations for policy reform were made and presented at SME Conference and the Nigerian Economic Summit.

In progress:
1. Strategies for growth: Moving to the next level, with special emphasis on sustainability and innovation. Writing case studies on companies in the stage of growth.  
 2. The evolution of creative ideas into business ventures: Writing case studies on creative ideas and creative enterprises with particular relevance to the media industry. 
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