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​Conference Papers​
Ajai, O. (2011). Sustainable companies, sustainable capitalism: A new model built on the concept of directors duties. Paper presented at The First International Sustainable Companies Conference, Oslo, 29-30 August.  

Ajai, O. (2011). Law, Water and Sustainable Development. Paper presented at the IUCNAEL Colloquium, South Africa, 3-7 July.

Ajai O. O. (2009, February). Corporate Theory of Shareholder Control:  A relic to be destroyed or a pillar to be reformed. Paper presented at the International Conference of Corporate Law (ICCL), College of Law, Government & International Studies, Universiti Utara, Malaysia.  

Ajai, O.O (2009) CSR, the sustainability paradigm and profit/value creation: Is corporate Law edging out the shareholder bounty capitalist in favour of the laid back capitalist? 6th Workshop on Corporate Governance, 23 -24, November, 2009, Brussels, Belgium, (Organised by European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management, Belgium)

Ajai, O. O. (2009) Corporate Social Responsibility versus Corporate Sustainability Responsibility: Where does corporate law stand? 7th Annual Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, Wuhan, China, 1 -5, November, 2009 

Ajai, O. O. (2009) Corporate Social Responsibility: Emerging Duties of directors, officers and shareholders of companies- a comparative survey of Law and Political Economy. International Conference on the Convergence of Corporate Governance Norms, 5 - 6, September, 2009, Calcutta, India (Organised by Indian National Institute of Technology, Kharagpur & National Foundation for Corporate Governance)

Ajai, O. O. (1995) Regulating Access to Nigeria's Genetic Resources, (Third Global Biodiversity Forum, Jakarta, Indonesia November, 1995).

Ajai,O. O. (1994) Implementing the Biodiversity Convention in Nigeria:  some Problems and Prospects - (International symposium on the "The Convention on Biological Diversity:  Objectives - Special Issues, Implementation into National Law", 20-23, October, 1994 (Organised by the Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany).

Ajai, O. O. (1993) Integrating Bio-Diversity Conservation Sectoral Laws and Policies: some conceptual and Third World Consideration - A case Study of Nigeria. (Global Biodiversity Forum, I. U. C. N. Headquarters, Gland, Switzerland, October 7 - 9, 1993), organised by I.U.C.N., W.R.E, UNEP, ACTS, WCMC and UNDP.

Ajai, O. O. (1993) Achieving Environmental Protection, Through the Vehicle of Human    rights:  Some Conceptual, Legal and Third World Problems".    (International Conference on Human Rights and Environmental Protection, Commonwealth Institute, London, April, 1993)

Conference proceedings

O. O. Ajai & Bolaji Owasanoye, (1994), "Regulation and De-Regulation:  Which Way Nigeria?" Proceedings of the 32nd Annual conference of the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers, 10-13 May 1994, Pp. 88-109.

A. Popoola & O. O. Ajai, (1989) "The Military Regime and Economic Crime in Nigeria", Proceedings of  the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference, April 9-12, Enugu pp. 130-182.

O. O. Ajai, (1984) "Folklore and National Development, An Overview of legal Developments, constraints and Opportunities", G. G.Darah (ed.), Proceedings of the 4th Annual congress of the Nigerian Folklore Society, held at Ile-Ife, December 17-21, 1984, pp. 32-56.   

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