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​Ajai Olawale

Professor Olawale Ajai is a professor of legal, social and political environment of business. He is the Director of Research, an author and co-author of several books and many learned articles. He has also drafted federal and state legislations.

He benefited from business, community and inter-personal negotiation, peace building and dispute resolution training in Ghana, United States and England and was a coordinator of the Dispute Resolution Programme at the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. As Group Company Secretary/Legal Adviser in Dunlop Nigeria Plc he had legal oversight of several strategic transactions, subsequently became Director, Human Capital (with additional responsibility for Legal, Company Secretarial and Government Relations), and later Director, Marketing and Strategy.

Professor Ajai introduced strategic HR management and initiated a more market driven approach during his stint in the marketing function. He gained much valuable experience negotiating agreements and managing relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders and trade partners. His active participation in the organised private sector, relationship with civil society and government on behalf of his organisation gave him useful insights and experience in stakeholder relationship management, as well as the inter-relationships between the society, government and business.

He teaches business law and social & political environment of business.

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