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Ricart, J.E., Agnese, P. Pisani, N. and Adegbesan, T. (2011). "Offshoring in the global economy. Management Practices and Welfare Implications". Madrid: Fundacion BBVA.

Journal articles

Adegbesan, J.A. 2009. "On the Origins of Competitive Advantage: Strategic Factor Markets and Heterogeneous Resource Complementarity". Academy of Management Review, 34(3): 463-475.
Adegbesan, J.A., & Higgins, M.J. 2010. "The Intra-Alliance Division of Value Created through Collaboration". Strategic Management Journal, 31: forthcoming


"Poaching, Acquisition, or Internal Development: Which Approach Leads to Competitive Advantage?",Footprints, LBS Alumni Magazine, April 2010

"Africa: Governance, Development, and Budding VCPE Activity", The Global Venture Capital and Private Equity Country Attractiveness Index: 2009/2010 Yearbook, International Centre for Financial Research, IESE Business School, December 2009

"Second-Generation Offshoring and Nigerian Firms: Can We Get a Slice of the Pie?", Footprints, LBS Alumni Magazine, October 2008

"GSM: Can You See The Future?", Telnet Advantage (Telecommunications Industry Newsletter), June 2001

Technical notes

"The Offshoring of High-Value Services and the Globalisation of Capability Sourcing", SMN-670-E, Center for Globalisation and Strategy, IESE Business School, June 2009

Conference papers​​
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