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Our Aim, History and Vision

​​​​​​​The aims of the LBS Alumni Association are to:  
  • Promote continuing education for its members, and forge stronger relationships among them
  • Support LBS in its aims and objectives
  • Render service to society, especially in the area of public and  private management
  • Adopt such other objectives as may generally be in the  interest of the Association and/or LBS
​The ​Association was conceived in 1991 by the first Executive programme members, the Chief Executive Programme (CEP 1). It was however formally inaugurated on Feb 2, 1993 and the constitution adopted in 2001 on May 4. Since then the constitution has been amended twice, on August 25, 2005 and May 18, 2013.

The association has had 11 presidents till date from the pioneer president, Mr Pascal Dozie to the current president, Mr Wole Oshin, the CEP.

From one graduating class in 1992, the association has grown to 150 graduated classes in 2014 and an alumni community made up of 5590 members

The association currents has two zones in Nigeria, the Eastern and Northern chapters.​

As the association grows, ​​it is our belief that its members will be able for forge stronger ​relationships and create more opportunities for each member to grow and create an exceptional alumni community and live the aim and vision of Lagos Business School. 

We therefore challenge  you to participate actively in the association and watch as you move to new and greater heights.​​