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LBSAA Awards

As part of efforts to encourage and recogn​ise service to the Alumni, the School and the Society at large, The Executive Council of the Lagos Business School Alumni Association, LBSAA, in 2008 instituted two Awards for deserving alumni and friends of the School.


1. The President's Award.

To be awarded in recognition of service to the Association and the LBS.

  • Can be awarded to any individual or corporate body, whether an alumnus/alumna or not, who have visibly and exceptionally contributed to the development of the School
  • The Awardee must believe in, and practice, the ideals of the School
  • Serving EXCO members not eligible for the award

2. The Distinguished Alumni Award

To be awarded ONLY to an alumnus/alumna in recognition of excellent service to the society.

  • The Awardee must have contributed in an outstanding way to his community or/and the society
  • The Awardee through his actions must have contributed in building an oasis of sanity, reflecting the ideals of the School
  • Must have expanded the ideas of what is possible and what can be done in the Society, setting new standards in the process
  • The contribution must reflect a credit to LBS
  • The Awardee must have engaged or empowered others, providing leadership, organization. and service
  • Serving EXCO members are excluded



  • President's Award – Intercontinental Bank Plc
  • Distinguished Alumni Award: Dr. Christopher Kolade, CON, CEP 1

  • President's Award – Mr. Fabian Ajogwu, SAN
  • Distinguished Alumni Award – Prof. Pat Utomi, CEP 3    

  • President's Award – FidelityBank Plc
  • Distinguished Alumni Award: Brig. Gen. Tunde Reis, OON, AMP 10

  • President's Award – Prof Albert Alos
  • Distinguished Alumni Award: Dr. Ernest Ndukwe, OFR, CEP 3

  • President's Award – Chevron Nigeria Ltd
  • Distinguished Alumni Award: Mr. Ben Akabueze, AMP 4

  • President's Award – Nigeria LNG Ltd
  • Distinguished Alumni Award: Mr. John Momoh, OON, CEP 7
  • ​President's Award - Mr. Olu Onakoya, AMP 2
  • Distinguished Alumni Award: Mr. Godwin Ehigiamusoe, CEP 19                                                 Mr. Peter Obi, CEP 11
  • Distinguished Alumni Award: Mrs. Mobolaji Johnson

    Best Class Award – This honors the most active class in a year

     2009     -             EMBA 4 – Class EXCO

    2010       -            EMBA 11 – Class EXCO

    2011       -            AMP 22- Class EXCO

    2012       -            AMP 22 – Class EXCO

    2013       -            AMP 22 – Class EXCO

    2014       -             AMP 22- Class EXCO​

   2015​       -             IMP 1

1Percentage number of financial members of the Alumni Association (50% = 15 points)30
2Percentage representation at Alumni events/programmes – Alumni Sessions, President's Dinner, Alumni Day, Zonal Dinners/Sessions etc. (the highest participating class gets 25points and will be used as a benchmark for others)25
3Number of Class meetings in the year (4points for each meeting)16
4Average turn-out at such class meetings (2 points for each >50% turnout)8
5Class' charity or philanthropic projects 10
6Contributions or Donations to the School5
7Class' welfare and/or investment scheme3
8Representation at LBSAA Governing Council meetings (1 point for each meeting attended)3