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​General Benefits

·         Footprints Alumni journal

Published twice a year, the Footprints Alumni publication covers tropical issues and also useful articles from the LBS faculty and features on alumni and LBS mailstones.

·         Alumni Day  

This event is a free for all alumni event. It holds once a year, and is the grand finale event for the alumni. It features top range guests from different works of life and different parts of the world. View past speakers.

Topics range from economic to inspiration and personal building issues. The conference comes with free seminar/conference, tea/coffee and lunch. It is also an opportunity to network and meet up with old friends and colleagues.

·         President's Dinner

This is a night of entertainment and open to all alumni and their spouses at subsidized ticket rate.

·         LBSAA website/Directory 

With more than 5,000 alumni in our database, you have an easier way to network, set up social events, advance your career and help LBS students and fellow alumni.

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