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Sustainability Workshop for Media Personnel


In today's complex business environment, an increasing number of companies are embracing a business strategy that pays attention not only to financial results but also to environmental, governance and social risks. Such business strategy offers benefits to both the organization and the society at large and as such should be of interest to the media.

As this business model is spreading rapidly across the globe, the media can play a major role in bringing this practice this to the fore to influence public thinking and opinion but, this can only happen if journalists/media practitioners understand what sustainability means.

The sustainability workshop for media practitioner's enables participants understands the trend and practices of sustainability in Nigeria. This workshop will offer journalists the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of sustainability and their role in reporting sustainability activities.


  • Fundamentals of sustainability in Nigeria
  • The role of mass media in sustainability
  • The concept of sustainability reporting and stakeholder communication
  • The Role of Mass Media in driving the sustainability agenda 

Participants' Profile:

Journalists in mass media involved in Sustainability, corporate citizenship and CSR reporting.

​Programme Duration: 1 Day

Tuition: Strictly by invitation