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Dr. Uchenna Uzo.JPGCongratulations for coming this far in your quest for a flexible and convenient structure for the Executive Masters in Business Administration programme. 

The business environment, in Nigeria and Africa generally, is changing rapidly.  Recent economic developments and the designation of Nigeria as an emerging market are really spurring investment activities across Africa especially Nigeria. Several multinational companies are expanding or establishing operations in Nigeria and they are looking for competent managers to run their operations. Nigeria is also the third fastest growing economy in the world. This is remarkable against the back drop of the socio-political problems facing the country. The economic growth has also been a catalyst for entrepreneurship endeavours in Nigeria. These factors create an imperative for Lagos Business School to produce good candidates for the emerging opportunities. 

Nigerian business professionals have a huge stake in the current and future economic growth of Nigeria and Africa. To be a key player in the market, you have to be agile, nimble and ready for the dynamic business environment. Lagos Business School is well positioned to offer you world class quality business management education.  The institution has been the premier institution for producing top notch managers for Nigerian industries.  We have successfully offered a regular EMBA programme for the past 17 years and many of our EMBA alumni hold prominent positions in Nigerian companies.

With the successful launch of the Modular EMBA (MEMBA) programme, the premier MEMBA participants will start in September 2012. We are expecting top leaders from diverse business industries nationally and regionally. Participants will come with a wealth of professional experience that will make discussions around the case study method very rich and robust.  This programme is specially designed for very talented, experienced, and busy business executives interested in business innovation and growth. The MEMBA curriculum is retooled to address the emerging business environment in Africa with special cognisance of the peculiarities of doing business in the economic region. 

The programme is designed to fit into the busy schedules of business executives. The 12 weeks modular programme is delivered over a 24 month period. In addition to this class session periods, MEMBA participants will be required to spend a week in a foreign university (Europe, Asia, or Americas) covering one module based on a selected business theme. So if you are interested in being a major player in the Nigerian and African business environment in the nearest future, I urge you to join our rich, diverse, and innovative Modular EMBA programme. I look forward to having you as a member of the programme. ​