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​MEMBA Application Form Instructions

Brief Form Completion Guide


1. The form has been divided into Eight (8) Sections for easier completion.To avoid errors or redirection to the login page,please ensure you have created an account on this site and you are currently logg​ed in​before filling your application form.​​If you require any assistance while filling the application form, kindly contact us using this link.​

2. Use the Next and Previous buttons on the page to navigate the ​fields in each section

3. You need to fill all fields in every section in order to complete the form. For fields that don't apply to you, please type in "-" or "N/A"

4. If you are unable to complete all the fields in one sitting, You can save your progress by using the "Save As Draft " button.

5. In order for your draft to be accepted, you have to fill the First name, Surname and Email fields.

6. You can resume form completion by logging in to this site and clicking on the MBA Online Application link

7. After completing and verifying all fields under the Eight (8) Sections,  the "submit " button will be enabled. Kindly use this button to make your final submission

NOTE: Once you click the "submit" button, you will no longer be able to edit the entries you have made to the form.

However, if you want to make edits after submission, you can send a request from the contact page of the website to have your form unlocked.

8.Copies of credentials should be sent to: 

The MBA Admissions Office
Lagos Business School,
Pan-Atlantic University, 

Km 22 Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ajah, Lagos.

9. Applications filled or submitted after the deadline will be processed for the next session

Please bear in mind that you are required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE FEE OF =N=5000 and another =N=5000 for examination fee (if you don't have a GMAT result) before your application can be processed.
Note that t​he fee does not guarantee admission into the programme​.​

Brief Payment Guide

1. From the notice /summary section of your application form, you will be able to access the payment button, if you have successfully saved your form. 

2. Click on the payment ​button when you finish filling the form.

3. This will lead you to the payment page. Follow instructions on the page to pay. When you are done, click the Pay button. You will be directed to a confirmation page.

4. If your transaction is successful, you will get an email confirming your transaction.

If your transaction is unsuccessful, click Return to Payment Page to start again.

5. If you do not want to pay now, login later and click on the payment button on​​ your form.

Click here to begin a new application or complete an existing application.​ 

​Thank You​​