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​MBA Teaching Methodology
At the Lagos Business School, we use the case-study method to facilitate learning. Cases enable students apply the concepts and skills that the course is designed to teach, and integrate knowledge from other courses and even life experiences. Each course uses on average 20 cases.

A case study is a real account of a problem or event in a given organisation. It forms the basis for a class discussion that helps students appreciate the problems and dilemmas managers face, and discover how decisions are taken.

Each student must therefore devote some time for personal study to identify the key issues of the case and perform some analysis before the class discussion. Groups are also constituted to enable students discuss parts of the case they find difficult before going into class. In group meetings, they discuss the issues and the approach they will take for addressing those issues. The group meetings also enable the student see problems and solutions from different perspectives, because members have different educational and work backgrounds.

In the classroom, the lecturer is there to facilitate learning by engaging students in discussions. Participation is crucial to this learning process, and also constitutes one of the methods of assessment that make up the final grade. Students take responsibility for their learning and cannot remain anonymous, as each one is drawn into the discussion.

In using reasoned arguments to support their claims and contest those of other classmates, students sharpen vital communication, analytical, and team-working skills. They also learn problem solving and decision making.

At the end, there is no right or wrong answer, only well thought out answers that show thorough analysis.