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​SME Logic
What is SME Logic? SME Logic is a Student Led Group of problem solving and fun individuals who do not believe that learning ends in the classroom. We are eager to put to practice the new skills we have learnt in helping solve challenges faced by entrepreneurs around us.

Our vision To become a distinguished student led group known for professionalism and strong commitment to the development of entrepreneurial capacity in Africa.

Our mission statement To contribute in the development of small and medium sized enterprises across Africa by assisting entrepreneur-managers with the managerial competence and strategic insights required to position their firms as leaders in their respective markets.

About Us
  • SME Logic was formed in 2007 by the 5th class of MBA students of Lagos Business School
  • We have since inception partnered the Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in implementing the Goldman Sachs 10,000 women initiative
  • For over five years our members have helped EDC consultants provide constructive strategic insights to entrepreneurs who attend the Entrepreneurship in Residence Sessions at the EDC
  • Since the inception of the Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET) programme sponsored by Diamond Bank and managed by the EDC our members have served as business advisers to successful entrepreneurs of the programme
  • Since inception, SME Logic has organised several events which were graced by top enterprise leaders who spoke to, not only our members, but to the entire student body of the school
Why Join Us? (For Students) We are one of the few Student Led Groups that offer you the opportunity to apply learning immediately to pressing business challenges.

Our Short Term Targets
  • To encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship in members
  • To provide members with an opportunity to apply skills acquired in the MBA programme to present business realities
  • To partner SME development institutions in achieving their short term targets
What We Intend to Achieve in the Long Term
  • To serve as a repository for case studies on the challenges experienced by SMEs in Nigeria
  • To become an incubator for students who have viable business plans by serving as a hub for financial capital, managerial expertise and ideas
  • To build a network of consultants who can be called upon to provide managerial knowledge that can be tapped by SMEs across Africa in solving business challenges