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​MBA Recruiters
​The MBA Career Office partners with your organisation to identify participants who fit your requirements. You can write to or call the career office in order to set up appointments to hold preliminary needs analysis meetings; to arrange for an on-campus recruitment session; or to signify an interest in participating in the Lagos Business School MBA career fair.

Meeting the MBA participants
There are opportunities to meet the MBA participants one-on-one, either by sponsoring a cocktail or lunch or by making a presentation to the participants. This enables the company to know more about the participants and spot their future employees among them.

These events could take the following forms:
  • MBA Career Fair
  • Company Presentations
  • Networking Forums
  • Promoting your company
There are various ways in which companies could promote their organisation and increase their attractiveness to potential hires. The following are some examples:
  • Participating in mock interviews
    The career office organises mock interviews during the programme for students to practice interviewing skills. This is an opportunity also for company managers to project their organisations as employers of choice by participating in the mock interviews as interviewers.

  • Sponsoring club events
    There are currently two students clubs: Finance Club and SMELogic. The Finance Club meets regularly and publishes a periodic Finance Digest. SMELogic works with the Enterprise Development Services Unit (EDS) of the University, to provide business advisory services to small and medium enterprises and help them grow their businesses.

  • Sponsoring sport events
    Companies may sponsor football matches between their teams and the MBA participants' teams. Such events foster relationships between the players and serve to highlight the participants' soft skills.

  • Charity Drives
    Companies have the possibility of asking our MBAs to partner with them in their charity drives or promoting other corporate social responsibility initiatives.