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Programme Structure


Brush Up: Participants start off the MBA programme with a preparatory module that provides a foundation for the MBA courses. This module includes sessions in Accounting, Business English, Mathematics, and Quantitative Analysis. As ambassadors of the School, participants are expected to comport themselves with order and decorum at all times, for this reason sessions are given on business etiquette and dress sense.

Year One: Participants must complete all courses included in the curriculum of the first year.

Internship: This is an integral part of the Programme. Participants will submit a report to their supervisors at the end of the project. The internship program provides exposure to the intricacies of the business world where participants are expected to explore business environments and apply principles and concepts acquired during the first year of the program.

Year Two: Participants can choose from a number of electives which could be taken at the school or in one of the exchange programmes of the school's strategic partners.


The minimum number of credits required for graduating from the programme is distributed as follows:

Core courses: 60.5 credits

Internship: 6 credits

Electives: 12 credits​

First YearDurationMonth
Brush up4 weeksSeptember
First Semester3 monthsOctober-December
Second Semester3 monthsJanuary-March
Third Semester3 monthsApril-June
Internship3 monthsJuly-September
Second Year  
First semester3 monthsOctober-December
Second semester3 monthsJanuary-March​