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​Programme Overview and Dates
Business in Nigeria is becoming increasingly complex, resulting in new company organisational structures requiring managers who can identify, analyse, and find appropriate solutions to day-to-day problems. At the same time, Nigerian markets and indeed many African markets are becoming more and more competitive and a greater emphasis on leadership and teamwork in implementing company strategy is needed.

The main aim of the SMP is to build the personal skills of participants in order to enable them achieve an immediate and measurable improvement in their contribution to their organisations.

Accordingly, participants receive good basic grounding in the main management disciplines and above all do a lot of work in building up their personal skills. The SMP increases the effectiveness of executives and enhances their strategic thinking capabilities.

To achieve this broad objective, the programme covers seventeen core management areas. There are also elective courses to choose from.

Around the world, the case-study method has been found to be the best way of simulating real management situations. Although only a partial substitute for experience, the case-study method fosters a learning process similar to that provided by well-analysed experience. The SMP cases provide an exciting and absorbing manner of learning. Over 120 cases, backed by lectures, discussions and simulation exercises provide a well-rounded educational experience. Business games have also been introduced to increase team effectiveness.

Dates for 2014/2015

First Run: 18 February - 13 June 
Second Run: 3 June - 26 September 
Third Run: 6 August - 28 November
Fourth Run: 10 November 2014 - 18 April 2015 (Modular)