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​Programme Structure & Learning Process

Delivery is over six months of six modules. Participants will be in class one week (Monday – Friday) every month.

International Module:

Participants will have a joint module with the Owner Manager class of Strathmore Business School in Lagos, and another joint module at Strathmore Business School, Kenya. Payment for this international module is not included in the fees.

Learning Process

Varied combinations of learning activities are employed on the Programme. These are designed to stimulate learning in participants as well as investigate new approaches to management by providing new skills and a platform for practical application.

The main pedagogical tool used in the OMP is the case study method. Skills are built through targeted lectures, readings, presentations and case studies, discussed in study groups with the aim of introducing new ideas and theories that challenge participants' existing perspectives. This approach also permits participants to benefit from the latent knowledge of experienced faculty. Learning also includes business simulation games, business impact assessment, sharing of entrepreneurial journeys by participants and executive coaching sessions.

Admission Process

  • Full payment of the programme fees or at least 70 percent initial deposit is required to secure a place on the programme once admission is offered, the balance to be paid in the second month of the programme.
  • Firm booking for the OMP is made by the submission of the application form along with a one year audited account of the applicant's company and company organogram or any other document that clearly shows the make-up or structure of the company.
  • Forms should be completed electronically
  • Applications will be screened by an admission committee, and, in some cases, the candidates will be required for a personal interview before admission is offered

​Who Should Attend

Founders or business owners/co-owners of companies with at least N50m annual turnover. Partners in professional firms with at least five professionals.

2017 Programme dates

OMP 24 (LAGOS): April 3 – September 7, 2017

OMP 25 (ENUGU): June 5 - November 24, 2017

OMP 26 (LAGOS): August 21, 2017 - January 26, 2018         

OMP 27 (ABUJA): October 16 - March 16, 2018