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Message from the Dean

​I would like to thank you for your interest in Lagos Business School and the Owner Managers Programme.

This is the sixteenth edition of the programme and to date over three hundred and fifty participants have graduated from the programme. Consistently, participants attest to the high quality of the programme and the value they derived from attendance.

To ensure effective delivery of the programme, the School relies on a highly qualified group of professional and academic staff with a record of successful performance.  Full-time faculty of the School are carefully selected and undergo continuous training to ensure they remain current in best practices in their respective fields. In addition, they bring to the classroom knowledge acquired through a combination of research and consulting in Nigerian as well as global companies.

The teaching method employed on the programme is based on learning methods that ensures that you are an active participant in the learning process. It facilitates intense interaction among participants on the programme enabling you benefit from the knowledge and experiences of other class members.

To ensure that you derive this benefit, great care is given to the admission of participants into the programme.  Our admission process aims to ensure that participants on the programme are of similar status professionally and are suitably experienced to be able to contribute to the learning process.

The School's predominant use of case studies in teaching ensures that participants derive useful and practical knowledge immediately applicable to the various decisions faced in their day- to- day professional work.  I believe that the same benefits will accrue to you on enrolling on the programme.
I encourage you to read the web pages for additional information about Lagos Business School and the Owner Managers Programme.