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Strategic Key Account Management

Programme Outline

A customer who has an exponential impact on revenue and profits and can influence an organisation's ability to compete effectively can be termed as a Strategic Account.  As such, B2B & B2C organisations are increasingly discovering the importance of protecting, and growing the relationship with identified Strategic Accounts.

This workshop is designed to provide a conceptual framework for understanding strategic customer relationships as well as tools for designing and implementing a Strategic Accounts Management (SAM) programme.

  • Strategic Account : A Definition
  • Selecting and Classifying Strategic Accounts
  • Resourcing for Strategic Account Management
  • Strategic Account Planning and Selling to Executives
  • Relationship Development and Navigating Politics with Key Officers & Executives in Strategic Account Management
  • Selling to Executives
  • Leveraging Marketing to Support Strategic Marketing Initiatives
  • Customer Service as Competitive Advantage in Managing Key Accounts
  • Use of Technology as a Key Account Management  Strategy Enabler
  • Managing Key Accounts in a Challenging Economy- Domestic and Global
  • Team Approach to Building and Managing Key Accounts

Programme Outcome

Participants will walk away knowing how to:

  • Build business acumen
  • Develop a strategic perspective on sales and customer relationships
  • Optimize strategic account sales team
  • Understand what drives strategic account decisions
  • Deal with the various decision makers and influencers in the     customer's field of play
  • Understand the politics that impact client decisions
  • Identify the unique sales profile needed for executive selling
  • Develop a strategy that will build greater customer loyalty and help protect the account from competition
  • Improve strategic account team performance
  • Recognize and overcome pressure tactics
  • Create an action plan that will increase their chances of success
  • Negotiate large contracts
  • How to sale to executives
  • Uncover strategies to win clients for life


Key Account Managers, Relationship Managers, Managers, and experienced sales people charged with growing their company's largest account, including:

  • Key Account Managers
  • Customer Relationship Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Business Development Manager
N290, 000
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