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Financial Modeling

Programme Overview

This is a detailed financial modeling programme that seeks to equip participants with practical knowledge and skills in modeling financial statements, enterprise valuation, M & A (Accretion/Dilution) using DCF enabled by Excel. With a hand-holding approach, participants will build models from the scratch. This will be achieved with real case studies, industry best practices and sensitivity analyses.
  • Financial Modeling with Excel - General Session
  • Basic Modeling Practice (Work in Teams – Caselets/Exercises)
  • Gathering historical documents/information for Financial Statement Modeling
  • Financial Statement Modeling – Income Statement
  • Financial Statement Modeling – Balance Sheet
  • Financial Statement Modeling – Cash Flow Statement
  • Financial Statement Modeling – Exercises with Caselets
  • Introduction to Financial Modeling  & Application to Enterprise Valuation
  • How to Build A DCF-Based Enterprise Valuation Using Financial  Modeling
  • Work in Teams – Hands on Exercise to Build Enterprise Valuation Using Financial Modeling
  • Financial Modeling Review and Applications in Corporate Finance.
  • Defining the  Modeling Problem and Parameter
  • Building the Model : A Private Equity Valuation Approach
  • Building the Model (II): A Private Equity Valuation Approach
  • Best Practice in Model Design and Construction: A Modular Approach: (Merger and Acquisition: Accretion / Dilution Model)   I
  • Financial Modeling in Practice- Experience Sharing I
Programme Outcome
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel used in financial modeling
  • Knowledge and skills in modeling financial statement,  business and enterprise valuation, and Merger & Acquisition (Accretion/Dilution)
  • Learning of the conceptual underpinnings of the valuation framework followed by step-by-step training for building a professional, robust discounted cash flow (DCF) model in Excel from scratch, using real case studies, industry best practices, and sensitivity analysis
  • Building of a merger model in Excel to reflect the pro forma impact of various acquisition scenarios.
Target Audience

The program is designed to benefit Investment Bankers, Equity Research Associates, Business Development Analysts, Asset & Hedge Fund Managers, MBAs, Accounting/Treasury/Corporate Finance Professionals and anyone seeking to improve their financial and valuation modeling skill set.



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