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Legal Issues in HRM

Programme Overview

As a Senior professional (HR, business/line manager, in-house or external counsel), the number of fundamental concepts and legal issues with in human resource law is continuously evolving and you are expected to stay on top of it all. In view of recent changes in the economic, technological, legislative, global and workplace environment, the need to keep constantly abreast of the norms, policies and laws in the workplace is becoming ever more imperative. In order to meet this challenge and excel at your job, you need an update on the latest legal changes and best employment practices. That is why this seminar is so important.

At this intensive, three- day seminar, you will have a comprehensive overview of these concepts, learn the latest and most important employee law developments that impact today's workplace and get a new perspective on your HR challenges and new tools for meeting them legally.


  • Human Rights and HR - employee recruitment, discrimination and privacy
  • Employment Status/contract and the relevant duties
  • HR Administration: HR policies, procedures, employment handbooks, investigations,  
    disciplinary law and termination
  • Protecting Intellectual Property  against Employee Competition
  • Legal Aspects of Employee Supervision and Performance Management –
    (employee reward, compensation and benefits law)
  • Workplace Safety, Health and Environment
  •  Legal aspects of Compliance/Risk Management, Culture, Corporate Governance and HR Management        
  • Workplace diversity, sexual harassment, bullying and family-friendly HR
  • Employee-related Risks and Liability
  • Collective Bargaining and Industrial Relations Law update
  • Key Legal Issues in Diversity and International Human Resource Management

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Overview of  Employment & Industrial relations law:
     - Recent & emergent social & legal policy for the workplace
     - Recent legislation and court cases defining employer/ employee rights and obligations
  • Critical legal issues facing management:
     -  Legal and business considerations bearing on employer decisions
  • Legal compliance guidelines:                                                  -  Practical implications of the laws in day-to-day human resources operations                                                                 -  Critical legal considerations in the development of policies and procedures
  • Handling  employer and employee "Attitude" problems legally:
      - Alternatives for minimizing the company's exposure to employee lawsuits and administrative charges
      -  Practical methods of protecting company and employee interests fairly and legally
  • Best practice  recommendations:                                  - Ethical dimensions of employment law practice​

Target Audience:

  • Human Resource professionals at all levels who want to gain an in-depth knowledge of the latest employment laws and practical HR applications designed to conform to best practice and prevent litigation.
  • In-house and corporate legal counsel who want to keep up to date with current developments in HR from a contextual background.
  • Managers interested in general knowledge of HR law and practice.
  • Legislators, government lawyers and legislative counsel with mandate for employment and industrial law.
  • Business Owners



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