6 days over 3 weeks (Tuesday & Friday)
Start Date
May 4

Women have become a dominant force in the workplace. Despite the peculiar challenges they face, women are rising to top management positions in the private and public sectors . Some have successfully broken the glass ceiling and others are aspiring to do so. As leaders, women have the responsibility to drive their teams to achieve and exceed targets. This requires creativity, innovation, professionalism and an ability to get the best from team members. Women often have to work harder and smarter to get to the top. 

This programme will assist women sharpen their leadership skills in order to succeed in today’s challenging world. It will help them fine-tune their strategies for effective leadership.  In the three-day period, participants would learn to explore and leverage on contemporary leadership tools that have helped organisations achieve high performance. It will cover different management concepts, effective leadership essentials, and creative problem-solving skills. It affords them opportunities to share their experiences and learn from each other.


Key Learning Objectives/ Benefits

  • Learn to have a better understanding of leadership as they aspire to top management positions
  • Acquire skills and competencies for effective leadership
  • Gain an insight and better understanding of virtuous leadership
  • Understand the nature of man for managing complex relationships
  • Sharpen negotiation skills
  • Acquire self-mastery and creative skills
  • Develop competencies to navigate the challenges facing women leaders
  • Reinvent and reposition self to top management position
  • Grow from functional to top management position
  • Learn to leverage the strengths and unique assets of being women
  • Learn to integrate life with career growth
  • Develop concrete personal action plan for implementation


Programme Detail

  • Understanding human behaviour in organisations
  • Business and economic analysis and risk management 
  • Analysis of business problems and decision-making
  • Women in leadership – Unique issues
  • Breaking the glass ceiling – Key issues
  • Managing organisational power and politics
  • Virtuous leadership
  • Effective leadership skills and competencies 
  • Gender issues in organisational leadership
  • Integrating work and family
  • Inspirations for women in business and politics
  • Building good networking skills
  • Panel discussion session
  • Developing concrete action plan

Target Audience

This programme targets:

  • Women in senior management positions
  • Women in top management positions in medium-sized businesses
  • Professionals, consultants and owner-managers



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