General Management Programme
Stepping up to Management
4 days over 2 weeks (Wednesday & Friday)
Start Date
June 23

In today’s competitive business environment, organisations must build a pipeline of top performers ready to assume managerial positions at short notice. These top performers must be adequately equipped with the business knowledge and skills necessary for such higher responsibilities. The programme aims to impart these general management skills and values needed for driving excellence in the complex business environment.


Key Learning Objectives/ Benefits

On this programme, you will :

  • Understand and appreciate your managerial responsibilities to quickly step up and transition into your new role as a manager
  • Establish credibility and effective work styles required to be effective in today’s rapidly transforming workplace
  • Possess the skills required to build alliances with peer managers
  • Understand the dynamics of a management team and how to be an effective member of the team
  • Enhance your ability to invest in your own self-development and be better positioned to realise your career development potential


Programme Curriculum

  • Shifting to a Management Mindset – Who is a manager and what do managers do? 
  • Monitoring external factors and trends that impact business strategy and operations.
  • Performance Management
  • Coaching and Effective Delegation 
  • Self-development for upward mobility
  • How to manage relationships at work – Subordinates, Peers and Bosses
  • How to embrace and manage change effectively to develop resilience in a constantly changing workplace
  • How to work and be effective in team settings
  • Analytical thinking skills, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Ensuring Personal Quality – How to set priorities and manage time

Target Audience

The program is designed to benefit three key groups:

  • New Managers.
  • Inexperienced Managers.
  • Upcoming Managers



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