Open Seminars
Real Estate Marketing
6 days over 3 weeks (Wednesday & Friday)
Start Date
April 28

Real Estate marketing is at the core of any successful real estate ventures. This course covers the essentials of an effective marketing initiative- from branding and strategy, to consumer behavior, market research, segmentation & differing sales strategies for residential, commercial properties, retail, industrial or other segments. This course will help the audience develop critical skills for creative thinking, strategic brainstorming using industry case studies and analysis to develop and implement strategies for effective and measurable, result-oriented performance.


Key Learning Outcomes

Course delegates will learn;

  • Creative thinking & brainstorming concepts
  • Project branding & strategy
  • Target market analysis
  • Negotiation; the Win-Win Methodology
  • Communication that converts
  • Legal tenets for real estate marketing
  • Sales strategies for residential or commercial

Programme Curriculum

  • Fundamentals of Real Estate marketing
  • Understanding Client wants Vs market needs
  • Customer segmentation and product strategy
  • Branding strategies and design in Real Estate
  • Constructing and implementing effective communication strategies
  • Legal and Customer Service excellence in Real Estate

Target Audience

The programme is designed to benefit the following:

  • Property Developers
  • Real Estate Agents/Professionals
  • Real Estate Finance Companies
  • Marketing heads of Real Estate Companies




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