4 days over 2 weeks (Tuesday & Friday)
Start Date
November 23

This programme provides knowledge and skills to assure requirements in contracts are delivered, maximising value to buyers.  The focus is on setting up contract execution for success, from start-up, to ongoing performance, and close out of the business relationship between the buyer company and its supply chain partners. The aim is to identify contractual and extra-contractual mechanisms for realising the objectives of the procurement and contract strategy, and exceeding the value delivery expectations to the contracting parties.


Programme Curriculum

  • Review procurement routes leading to award of contracts
  • Different types of contracts and implications in execution
  • Transition planning for incoming and out-going contractors
  • Initiate Contract Start-up, meetings, roles, etc
  • Manage Contract Performance and Relationship (including Ethics and Compliance)
  • Contract clauses that govern control measures
  • Forms of dispute resolution and application
  • Ethical issues in procurement
  • Contract close-out


Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, you will have the ability to:

  • Develop and plan contract execution in line with contracting best practices. 
  • Manage contract implementation goals and objectives to achieve optimum value improvement. 
  • Execute contract award in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions. 
  • Understand ethics and compliance issues and dilemmas in contract management.

Target Audience

  • Senior managers involved in procurement/contract execution.
  • Supply chain and administrative managers of companies in the service sector – public and private


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